Roost Events is the brainchild of a sociable and hungry farmer.

Owner / Stylist, Samantha duPont has worked on many small, organic farms over the past decade, moving around the country with the seasonal shift. She first learned to cook in western Montana when it was her day to prepare lunch for the crew of 14 farmers. Since then, sitting together and eating a prepared (if hasty) meal with the field crew has become a special part of her farming experience. Since moving to Vermont, Samantha has opened an online vintage boutique and Roost Events is the culmination of her passion for good food, a connected community and curating a relaxed and beautiful eating environment. Her ideal eating experience is not formal, but thoughtful and connected with good food and great company.

Roost Events is the bridge between field and table, creating community and connection over good food and conversation.

Roost Events works with Vermont’s growers, makers and cooks to cultivate community through delicious events. We invite you to experience Vermont’s agricultural community firsthand by sharing a meal, taking a class and getting to know local businesses though experience. We believe that a good meal is best enjoyed in good company and invite you to join us in 2016.

Monthly dinners are offered through the Field Trip Sup Club, a collaborative project with Blossom Whole Food Kitchen. Workshops with local artisans and makers will be offered starting spring 2016.

Please contact us about hosting your own private event!

Our mission

We are committed to creating a warm atmosphere that brings together our varied community. We strive to provide an inclusive event while supporting some of Vermont’s many small businesses. We put a lot of care into the sourcing of our ingredients and the preparation of each meal. The food is simple, seasonal and as locally sourced as possible. Here are some of the small farms and businesses we have had the opportunity to collaborate with.